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Get Involved

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There will be many opportunities to contribute to the day’s activities including speaking, sharing your project or ideas, and even training others or building something together. Here are a few ways you can get involved...






Check out volunteer roles below. If you're interested in volunteering, you can email donna.arriaga[at]gmail.com or join this wiki and add your name below.


  • 3 - Content volunteers (blogging, tweeting, podcasting, etc.)
  • 1 - Logistics volunteer
  • 2 - Lunch coordinators



Session Topic Ideas (Propose Your Own Ideas)

Afternoon breakout session topics at PDXNet2Camp will be developed and driven by Camp participants.  Join this wiki to add your own topic ideas below or email your topic ideas to donna.arriaga[at]gmail.com.


  • Intersection of social and traditional media for a cohesive and effective media campaign
  • Social fundraising using open source software
  • Online social fundraising and events
  • Trending for change
  • Cloud computing for nonprofits
  • Handheld Awesome Detectors: Sustainable apps 
  • Mobile platforms for good
  • Open data storytelling
  • Community/Volunteer engagement via social media
  • Community Building - MMT's Connectipedia case study
  • Staff Engagement - Inspiring staff to take action in social media and communications
  • Managing an internet strategy w/ limited staff
  • Writing for the web
  • Social Media Strategy: Mapping target audiences & key messages
  • Strategic growth, capacity building and internet tribes
  • Integrated communication strategies across website and social media platforms
  • Entwinkled | Entangled - What Mr Natural knew about Renan's Law (concept of ‘netness’
    or Renan’s law - everything wants to be connected and works better when connected)
  • Technology in emerging markets and developing countries
  • Communities of Practice and Place
  • Using technology to build local and regional resilience
  • Cause marketing
  • Building capacity w/in organizations to participate in social media
  • Nonprofit CRM Needs
  • Organizational adoption (or institutional change to lead to adoption!) of technology and social media
  • Engaging people statewide through social media
  • Storytelling
  • Analytics / Measuring Impact & ROI
  • Google Adwords
  • GIS to better support recycling and composting
  • Integrated databases - not just for fundraising, but event management
  • Strategies for getting a less techie audience involved in social media
  • Using social media technology in the classroom
  • Integration of extracurricular community activities into social networks 
  • Crowdsourcing, MMT's Ideas4oregon.org case study



Tag Generously

While you're at Camp, we encourage you to snap photos, shoot video, tweet and blog away.  When you're sharing thoughts, ideas, and notes about Camp, please use the following tag:

  • PDXNet2Camp



Become a Camp Sponsor

For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Donna Arriaga at donna.arriaga[at]gmail.com.



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